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Veena Malik distanced herself from social media


Pakistani actress and TV host Veena Malik has distanced herself from social media.

Speaking openly in a political debate on the social networking site Twitter, Veena Malik said goodbye to social media indefinitely.

The actress announced her distance from social media through a tweet.

In her short social media message, Veena wrote, “I am leaving social media indefinitely, bye-bye.”

No further explanation has been given by the actress regarding her departure from social media and no reason has been given for her distance from social media.

It should be noted that Veena, who shares fearless messages on global issues including national issues on social media, is also keen to try her luck in the field of politics.

Veena said that her father wanted her to become a politician and now she will fulfill her father’s dream by participating in politics.

Veena Malik said that politics is a new field for her and when she becomes an expert in it, then she will step into it in practice.

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