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Veena Malik ex-husband accused of blackmailing for money


Actress Veena Malik says her ex-husband Asad Khattak is blackmailing her for money.

Rawalpindi Civil Judge Faisal Rashid heard the case related to the extradition of actress Veena Malik’s children. The court, after hearing the arguments of the parties, adjourned the hearing of the case till November 8.

Veena Malik

“The Islamabad High Court and the Dubai court have given me custody of the children. Whenever Asad Khattak expressed his desire to meet the children, he allowed them to do so, but he kidnapped the children,” Malik said. He took me to Dubai and accused me of kidnapping children. The court has all kinds of documents in this regard, every time he takes the children under the pretext of meeting them and then puts his conditions, basically Asad Khattak is a blackmailer, harassing a mother for money Yes, Asad Khattak applies to the court whenever he needs money. The husband has spent Rs. 40,000 on the children.

Veena Malik

Asad Khattak, the ex-husband of Veena Malik, while talking to the media, said that after two and a half years, the children who met the children have been brainwashed.

Veena Malik

Asad Khattak has filed a case for extradition of 4-year-old daughter Arham and 8-year-old son Ibrahim.

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