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Vidya Balan in love with Pakistani dramas


 Vidya Balan went gaga over Pakistani dramas saying the “writing, production values, make-up and performances” of the shows are just par excellence.


She also lauded the work of female actors and for adding “grace” with a “realistic” touch to their performances.

She posted: “I am liking my new habit of watching Zindagi channel in the mornings after my night shoots…’Kankar’ is ace. I am hooked to ‘Kankar’, ‘Mere Harjai’ and ‘Ek Mohabbat Ke Baad’…The writing, production values, make-up and performances are just par excellence.”

Vidya, busy with “TE3N” and “Kahaani 2”, added: “So nice to see good quality television! I particularly like the female actors…so beautiful and graceful…and their portrayals are extremely realistic.”

Zindagi channel is a Hindi channel which airs Pakistani dramas as well as serials from other countries in India.

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