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Waqar Zaka arrested, refuse’s having alcohol

Zaka Arrested in alcohol


Television actor Waqar Zaka was arrested on Monday and accused of ownership of sheesha. Zaka later took to Twitter and elucidated he was not captured for having liquor, nor was he affected by some other substance.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on, or what is being publicized on news,” the TV have was seen expressing in a two-minute long video on his Twitter handle. “What have I done? What sort of substance have I taken? News non-nearby liquor has been found in my vehicle. Sympathetic, read the FIR recorded with the police. On the off chance that you can’t peruse it, if it’s not too much trouble discover somebody who can.”

Zaka was captured under the charges of ownership of sheesha or hukkah. He included, “On the off chance that you have sheesha in your home or vehicle – regardless in case you’re utilizing it or not-you will be arrested by the police. Since I had sheesha in my vehicle, I wasn’t notwithstanding utilizing it, the police took me in guardianship and educated me that a FIR will be documented.”

Zaka further included that upon his request, he was educated that simply the ownership of sheesha makes him at risk for capture.

“The news circling has no reality to it. I didn’t have liquor with me. There’s no news of anything identified with all my work in Burma or Syria, however this must be stood out as truly newsworthy,” said a disturbed Zaka. “On the off chance that despite everything you don’t trust me, at that point visit the police headquarters and ask whether I was under any kind of impact.”

He included that as opposed to sensationalizing his capture, mindfulness ought to be spread that a FIR could be documented against you on the off chance that you claim a sheesha.

Zaka at that point shared a duplicate of his FIR and requested that the central equity make a move.


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