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Was Michael Jackson also aware of Corona?


A bodyguard from King of Pop Michael Jackson gaurd has claimed that Michael Jackson was aware of an outbreak of the deadly Corona virus, which he wore all the time, 11 years ago.

Speaking to foreign media, Michael Jackson’s Guard Met Feeds made the claim at a time when the whole world had been engulfed by Corona and more than 20,000 people have been put to death.

The Met Feeds reported that Michael Jackson was aware that sooner or later a rapidly spreading bacterial disease would engulf the world and the world would be helpless.

The guard also revealed that Michael Jackson always kept us informed about natural disasters.

He said that world-renowned Michael Jackson was always wearing a mask on his face. When his teammates asked to take off the mask, he would reply that I met thousands of people a day, not knowing what to give them and I can’t afford to get sick right now, I have to stay healthy so I can do more for my fans.

Michael wanted to live for 150 years, he slept in an oxygen tent at night, wore gloves to protect people from germs, viruses and diseases, and wore masks before going public.

They ate certain foods and were consistently employing the world’s top 12 doctors. These doctors inspect every part of their body daily.

Despite all these plans, Michael, who wished to live for 150 years, left this world at the age of 50.

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