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Waseem Akram and his wife prepare for debuts in Pakistani movie


KARACHI: Waseem Akram and Shanira Akram. They will soon be seen playing a role in a Pakistani film, which he himself has confirmed.

According to reports, Fawad Khan also will star in the film. Directed by Faisal Qureshi and Shanira Akram along with Mikal Zulfiqar.

On social networking site Instagram, Shanira Akram shared a photo of her and wrote that ‘Pakistani movie had trouble shooting. I got ankle sprain while working on set for 12 days, gold Found less time. It was very difficult to speak Urdu ‘.

“However, For me working in film is a great experience, the cast also is very good. I learned a lot from it which will always be unforgettable.”

Remember that the script of the movie Moneybag Guarantee was written by Faisal Qureshi and he is also directing it.

The shooting of the film is going on in Pakistan, though the director has not announced its release yet.

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