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Watch: Justin Bieber gets punched in street brawl


Justin Bieber had a rough night after the NBA final in Cleveland on Wednesday, as he got in to a violent fight outside his hotel.

Hollywood life reports that the Love Yourself singer was seen with a taller guy in a lobby and in a sudden turn of events, the two went from talking to throwing punches within seconds.

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The fight did not go in Justin’s favor since the man he was up against grabbed the singer, turned him around and slammed him down on the ground, reports Hollywood life.

It is still ambiguous as to what initiated the fight. Bieber was in Ohio for the third game of the NBA finals, so there’s a possibility that post-game trash talk caused the brawl, reports TMZ.


Earlier in the day, Bieber was reportedly booed by the home team’s fans. He was joined by his friend Lewis Hamilton at the Quicken Loans Arena, but it’s unclear if the F1 racer was present during the brawl.

Watch: Justin Bieber gets punched in street brawl by pakshowbiz



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