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We are an example against racism: Shanira Akram


Shanira Akram, wife of former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram, told the world that her marriage to Wasim Akram is a strong example against racial prejudice and for her, colour is not important but love is more important.

On the photo and video sharing app Instagram, Shanira Akram shared a photo of herself and Wasim Akram’s hand with which she wrote that after our marriage, people used to tell us that Wasim married her because she is fair. ۔ They used to ask me if it smelled different from her body. Why didn’t he marry a native girl?

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‪“He only married her because she’s white. She must be easy! Does his skin smell different? Why couldn’t he marry a Brown girl? It’s not natural for two skin colours to mix. Interracial relationships never work. What spell did she put on him? He will never take you seriously because your white. Your both so different. You will never be accepted as a real couple. His sons can’t have a Gori stepmother. If you have children they will grow up confused and treated differently”. We have had it on both sides, it’s ugly and unwarranted! Skin colour only troubles the people in this world who sees it. Like millions of others, We are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing, LOVE does. #KeepFighting #RacismIsRasicmInAnyCapacity #TheWorldIsColourful #RacismHasNoPlaceInThisWorld #RacismIsNotABeliefItsADisease

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“People say it’s not natural for people of two different colours to meet, this relationship can’t last long,” Shanira wrote. You two are very different from each other.

Children will not accept their stepmother as a white woman and if you have children they will always be confused and behave differently.

“People said such and such things at our wedding, but these were just words because skin colour only bothers people, otherwise it doesn’t affect relationships,” he added.

“Like thousands of people, we are an example that colour is not important, but love is important for any strong relationship,” she wrote.

It should be noted that Wasim Akram’s wife Shanira Akram is well known for her social services and raising her voice for human rights besides her husband.

Shanira Akram is often seen speaking out against race and ethnic prejudice in her tweets and Instagram posts.

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