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We cannot freely tell different stories in Pakistan: Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa left an impression on us when he first appeared as an annoying little brother in Wujood-e-Laraib and later his performance in Tahir-e-Lahoti, Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon,

and Mastana Mahi assured us that he is indeed a fine actor. Recently, his acting in Actor In Law has impressed people across the board – be it fans, film critics or fellow actors.

Fifi Haroon had a conversation with Mustafa about his personal life, game show, co actors in Actor in Law, and his overall journey in the industry on BBC Urdu and we can finally claim that we know Mustafa.

“Initially, I wanted to be a dentist, but then I went to a pharmacy school and then I ran away from there as well. I don’t believe we can continue doing one thing for all our lives so I tend to experiment with different things,” Mustafa says while answering ‘did you always wanted to be an actor’ question.

“Does this mean you get bored easily?” Fifi Haroon pointed out.

Ek hi zindagi hai so when I get tired of acting, I host, and when hosting seems too much, I turn towards production and when that too bores me, I go to my wife,” he laughs.

“I’ve never been a person who plans ahead but for the first time in my life, I started planning when I was doing Jago Pakistan Jago,” Mustafa shares. “I personally don’t like the fact that Pakistani men are always shown in negative light in our drama serial so I try and do projects like Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon, Mastana Mahi, and Mera Saeen. These projects did well despite being male-oriented projects.”

While talking about his transition from a morning show to a game show host, Jeeto Pakistan, Mustafa shared that hosting a morning show probably wasn’t one of his best decisions.

“I did many things against my nature during my stint of hosting a morning show,” Mustafa admitted. “Now, you’re interviewing me because I have 10 plus years of experience behind me and I can talk about my projects and experiences. In JPJ I had to speak with people who were only morning show regulars so what could I talk to them about? Luckily, I was offered Jeeto Pakistan and in this show I interact with real people.”

Jeeto Pakistan extracted Fahad Mustafa from world of lies and pretence, but Haroon very intelligently asked him about his habit of mocking the participants. We all know it is in good humour, but has it ever gone a bit too far?

“I have real people on my show with honest responses. If they gat cheeky with me, I get cheeky too. And if I don’t joke around then they’ll probably feel I’m not in a good mood,” Mustafa explained. “Handling 600 plus people in a live show is a tough task, but nothing untoward has happened on my show till date. I believe I’m a very patient man and I don’t have mood swings.”

When will see Band Tou Ab Bajega?

Fahad Mustafa’s first cinematic venture as a producer was announced a few months back, but then we didn’t hear any news about it. The talented actor revealed that the project will go on floor in January and he’s the one to be blamed for the delay.

“I actually cannot do more than one project per year so it was my decision to start the shoot in January.” Band Tou Ab Bajega is a romantic comedy written by Yasir Hussain and will be directed by Anjum Shehzad.

On professing his love for his wife on television

Fahad Mustafa has always been quite vocal about his love for his wife, Sana Fahad, and unfortunately, that’s not something we see quite often.

“I don’t have friends. Sana has known me since I was 19 so basically, we’ve grown up together. She’s the only true friend I have,” Mustafa has shared the secret recipe behind their bond. “If I have to hide my feelings for her to stay in this industry then I’d rather say farewell.”

On self-censorship in Pakistan

We can tell good stories, but the channels and PEMRA need to revisit their policies,” Mustafa highlighted a very important issue of censorship. “If our actors can go out and do certain characters in another industry and then that film is allowed in Pakistan without any issue then why can’t we do such stories in our own industry. I’m sure, f I would’ve even thought about touching that topic over here 10 fatway lag jatay.”

He adds, “In Actor in Law, we’ve touched many important topics by using satire and Mehwish Hayat’s Parsi character is a step in the right direction, but the hullabaloo created on Quaid-e-Azam’s dialogue [“Suna hai Quaid-e-Azam bhi actor ban na chahte thai”] was totally unnecessary.”

Does the society still consider actors as people who’re not worthy of respect?

But the actor turned producer assures us that things are getting better with time even though Nabeel Qureshi – the director of Actor in Law – is still forced to turn down stories because “woh yahan [Pakistan mein] nahi ban sakti.”



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