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What did Maya Ali learn from 2020?


The leading actress of Pakistan TV and film industry Maya Ali says that this year has taught us that plans belong to us but in the end, the decision belongs to Allah Almighty.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali posted a meaningful message on the social networking site Instagram reflecting the current situation around the world.

On the other hand, 30-year-old Maya is busy distributing rations to the beneficiaries in the days of lockdown.

From Maya’s recent social media post, it can be inferred that Maya Ali, dedicated to the service of humanity, is increasingly participating in the distribution of rations to the deserving.

In her post, the actress thanked those who also helped her in this noble cause and those who cooperated in other matters and wrote that with the support of all the people, ration bags would be distributed among the deserving.

She also wrote that may Allah grant us good health and courage to help those in need.

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