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What Kareena Kapoor said about Taimur’s nanny


Mumbai: The private lives of stars, and when it comes to Bollywood one of the major fetishes on the part of the gossip press has been the salary of the nanny of Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s and toddler son.

And while we don’t know if the nanny in question is really loving all the limelight that has been thrust upon her over the recent past, Kareena Kapoor have been rumours floating around that she makes as much as Rs 150,000 per month for taking care of Taimur.

While the amount they pay to their kids’ nanny should really be Kareena and Saif’s headache, the media isn’t giving up.

According to a video report on YouTube channel of Bollywood Now, the popular Bollywood website asked Kareena if reports of the nanny’s whopping salary are true.

To this Kareena’s reply was non-committal: “Really? But like I said, I don’t talk shop,”

Make what you will of Kareena’s words, but we think she is really quietly relishing the media frenzy over Taimur’s nanny!

However, as it’s the day and age of social media, trolls cannot be avoided. On Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch, he showed her an online comment where a troll said that Taimur was dying of hunger, hinting that Kareena was not a good parent. “Taimur bhukka marr raha hai,” it read.

Witty as ever, Bebo responded, “But woh bechara bhooka nai marra hai. In fact, I think kuch zaada hi kha raha hai aajkal. Mota lag raha hai (He is not starving. In fact, I think he is eating a little too much. Has started to look fat).”

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