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What my bodyguard did was wrong, says Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar said, “What my bodyguard did was wrong. I apologised for that too.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar said the incident wherein his bodyguard punched a fan should not have happened and he would make sure such things are not repeated.

A video had recently emerged wherein the actor’s bodyguard was seen punching a fan who came close to the actor for clicking a selfie at the Mumbai airport.


Akshay said although the incident should not have happened, sometimes the bodyguards need to take care of the actors because of some extreme situations.
“It is wrong to raise your hand on someone, I agree… But about two to three years ago I was shaking hands with many people and suddenly I found my hand was bleeding,” he told reporters here.
“Then I realised someone had put a blade between his or her finger nails. So while shaking hands I got a cut. Now, whether it is madness, stupidity or ‘fan-pana’, you need to take care of these things as well,” he said.

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