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What promise will Asim Azhar give to fans?


Singer Asim Azhar, who has made a comeback and gained popularity in the singing field soon, promised to give a jacket to the fans.

Tagging Asim on social networking website Twitter, a girl named Rabia Ali Raza wrote that she loved Asim Azhar’s green jacket, and also wrote that Hollywood stars give their fans gifts. Let’s do

Rabia wrote, “Can I get this green jacket before the end of 2019?”

Asim Azhar not only responded to his fans but promised to give him a jacket.

He replied, “I have some green jackets, which one do you like?”

Asim wrote down his email address and asked the girl to send his jacket photo and his address.

He also wrote that he would try to make that possible before the end of 2019.

Asim’s process is being praised by his fans and other fans have started making their own orders.

One user wrote, ‘I need a million’.

Answering this, Asim wrote that I need a place in the cricket team as well as that what you want doesn’t necessarily get to you.

A user named Owais wrote, ‘Is this offer only for girls?

Asim said the offer is for everyone but the jacket is one.

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