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WhatsApp turned off on your mobile Phone?


WASHINGTON: The well-known messaging application WhatsApp stopped working on Windows Phone as the new year began.

According to the details, by the end of 2019. The Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp. It has ceased to support Windows Phones and will no longer be able to use the App in the above mentioned phones.

The WhatsApp stopped running on all Windows Phone phones by the beginning of the year 2020. The foreign news agency said.

The WhatsApp administration announced last year that App support for Windows phones will be discontinued at the start of 2020. Support for these phones was dropped last night.

Windows Phone has been missing out on App support since the beginning of the new year. However, some phones may still have App running. But App will be discontinued soon.

People who had Windows Phones now have Windows Phones replaced on Android 4.0.3 or later operating systems. I-Phone iOS 9 or later, Kios OS 2.5.1 and more. Must start using working phones.

According to the WhatsApp, Windows Phones no longer have the capability that will be needed for the features introduced in this app in the future.

According to a foreign news agency report, WhatsApp’s decision to terminate its Windows operating system support could only affect a few million of its more than 1.5 billion users, as most people are now using Android or iPhone. Are.

Windows Phone users will not be able to get bug fixes. Updates and new features in the application from January 1. While most mobiles will be where the application will stop working.

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