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After December 31, WhatsApp will be discontinued on specific mobile phones


San Francisco: WhatsApp, the largest messaging mobile application. Announced January 1 that it will not provide service on a specific set.

According to details, WhatsApp’s number of users worldwide has exceeded 1.5 billion. But the company announced that services. It will be provided on specific mobile sets by 12pm on December 31. The service will be unusable from January 1.

A WhatsApp blog says that Windows Phone support will be available until December 31, after which it will be retired.

Windows Phone users will not be able to get bug fixes. Updates and new features in the application from January 1. While most mobiles will be where the application will stop working.

According to the WhatsApp, the service will not be available on the iOS 8 operating system from February 1, 2020. Though users will be able to use it if they update to a new version.

The company’s release also stated that WhatsApp accounts could not be created or verified on Android version 2.3.7 and older systems.

WhatsApp is thought to be in use in 138 countries and is considered to be the leading mobile application for social networking. The WhatsApp not only facilitates written messages but also audio and video calls through which different files can be sent along with photos, audio and video.

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