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When Irrfan Khan couldn’t afford a Jurassic Park ticket

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Irrfan Khan is amongst the handful of Bollywood actors, who have proved their credentials in Hollywood and his career seems to be going smooth. His life seems to have taken a complete turn since he stepped into Indian film industry. “When the first Jurassic Park came out, I barely had the money to see it, and now I’m playing a part,” Irrfan Khan told The Hollywood Reporter

Talking about his role in the latest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise – Jurassic World, he said that, “I’m playing the park owner, a very flamboyant person… He’s trying to entertain the world with good intentions, but sometimes being flamboyant doesn’t mean having much wisdom.”

He said that the movie will be different from the first three installments and likened it to a ‘scary adventure’ rather than a ‘horror film’.

“It will have more vibe. It’s the Jurassic World of these times, with all the technical experimentation. It has now become a fully bloomed dinosaur amusement park. Dinosaurs in this film will definitely be scary, but this is not a horror film, so it will be like a scary adventure,” stated Khan.

Having worked in two of the world’s most popular film industries he added that there was a lot both of them could learn from each other.

“Hollywood is too planned. India has no planning at all. It’s more spontaneous and informal. India could be more formal and Hollywood more spontaneous. Indian films have a sense of celebration. Sometimes in that celebration we forget about the story, so we should give the story more respect, as Hollywood does.”

Recently Khan was felicitated by the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella who presented him with the keys to the city. Visibly moved by the gesture the actor said that, “I’ve been given the symbolic keys to Florence after coming here for the first time. It doesn’t get any better than this. I feel really at ease, as if I belonged to this place. Somewhere in my mind there’s an association with Italian masters. Somehow I already know this place because of their work, whether it’s Fellini, Rossellini, Antonioni or Pasolini. I never knew this festival was going to be so special.”

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