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When will Minal Khan get married?


The leading actress of Pakistan TV industry Minal Khan has said about her marriage that when she finds a good boy like Muneeb Butt, she will get married after three or four years.

Speaking in a live session of Aima Baig on social networking site Instagram, Minal Khan shared many things about his life with his fans and also gave all the answers regarding marriage.

Referring to the marriage of Minal’s sister Aiman and daughter Amal, Aima Baig said that Aiman gave us Minal, when will Manal get married?

Minal replied, “There should be a boy for marriage. When a good boy like Muneeb Butt is found and I agree, the marriage will take place and the child will be born.”

Praising Muneeb, the husband of Aiman, Minal Khan said that he is also looking for a boy like Muneeb, because boys like Muneeb are not everywhere.

“Once the boy is found and I agree, I will get married in three or four years because I don’t think I am old enough to get married yet,” he said.

It should be noted that Manal Khan is active on social media sites and also stays in touch with fans.

Nowadays, the actress is showing the essence of acting in the drama ‘Jalan’.

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