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Who are the Queen of Darkness?


Khar Toom: Newcomers fans call her the “Queen of Darkness” Queen of Darkness because of her dark complexion.

The world’s blackest woman has long been based in the United States. But she considers herself privileged to be called Sudanese.

According to media reports. The 27-year-old model. Named New Kim Gate Oak. It is from South Sudan. But her parents emigrated to Ethiopia. After which the gate was born.

Later, New Kim’s parents emigrated from Ethiopia to Kenya and lived in refugee camps.

According to the report, when she was fourteen, her family moved to the United States and made New York their home.

New Kim received his early education in the United States and at the same time began modeling.

New Kim was also honored with the world’s darkest handsome beauty.

The model of living in the US and making her own career has never been to her home country, but she takes pride in calling herself a Sudanese.

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