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Who is Ali Zafar’s first choice?


Leading Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar has revealed that as a child he lost his heart to Pakistani legend actress Rubina Ashraf.

While the global epidemic Coronavirus is affecting people all over the world. The stars of the showbiz industry are also seen fighting against this epidemic.

Famous Pakistani actress Rubina Ashraf is also suffering from corona virus. Pakistani artists are appealing to her fans for prayers for her speedy recovery.

In such a situation, every beloved singer of Pakistan. Ali Zafar, on his Twitter account. While appealing for prayers for Rubina Ashraf’s recovery. He has revealed that ‘Rubina Ashraf is the crush of her childhood, Rubina Ashraf. When PTV She used to call her a princess when she used to appear in dramas.

Ali Zafar further wrote in his tweet that all those who are suffering from this epidemic including Rubina Ashraf are praying for a speedy recovery.

He said that he has heard that Rubina Ashraf’s health is better than before by the grace of Allah, many prayers and good wishes for her.

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