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Who is Khushhal Khan?


Khushhal Khan is a new Pakistani actor who has done many dramas after coming to showbiz.

Fortunately, Khushhal Khan has been getting good roles for prime-time dramas of all good channels. Recently, he appeared in the private TV drama ‘Mushkil’ with Saboor Ali, whose cast also includes Zainab Shabbir and Humayun Ashraf.

khushhal Khan

These days, the absence of famous actor Humayun Ashraf from the poster in the TV drama ‘Mushkil’ and the picture of Khushal Khan as the lead actor raised many questions and fans started debating the abilities of the new actor.

khushhal Khan

Humayun’s fans and some social media portals say that Khushal Khan is the result of ‘nepotism’ and is the nephew of a famous actor and that is why he is getting good roles.

Khushhal Khan

However, the reality is contrary to this, Khushal Khan is a budding actor and professional model who had nothing to do with showbiz.


However, he entered the showbiz world through modeling a few years ago and became famous after modeling for the brand of Famous Brands Gul Ahmed and Outfitters as well as Indian designer ‘Abhinav Mishra’, after which he has also been selected for ‘Hum Style Award’.

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