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What do you know about the main character in the drama ‘Aurtugral Ghazi’?


Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing a function last year. It had expressed his desire. That the historical Turkish drama ‘Aurtugral Ghazi’ be dubbed in Urdu and broadcast in Pakistan. So, that our people would know the history of Muslims.

Keeping in view the wish of the Prime Minister. It was decided to dub the Afaq Turkish series ‘Derlish Aurtugrul’ based on Islamic history in Urdu and broadcast it on PTV in Ramadan under the name ‘Aurtugral Ghazi’.

Since the first Ramadan, five episodes of the drama. ‘Aurtugrul Ghazi’, which is aired daily at 7:55 am, have come out so far.

While people in Pakistan are watching this drama with great interest, they are also saying who is the person named ‘Ertugrul’ in this drama? And what is the reason for this to become a drama?

Who was ‘Ertugrul’?

The father of Sultan Usman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and its first ruler, was named Aurtugrul Ghazi. He was a brave, fearless, militant man. The conquests of those who knew how to defend their tribe made the Ottoman Empire possible.

The Turkish series ‘Aurtugrul Ghazi’ is his story. In view of the popularity of this drama. The second part of the same history has also been released, which covers the life of Usman (Aurtugrul’s son).

What made Aurtugrul a drama?

According to foreign media reports. Josh Carney, an anthropologist at the American University of Beirut. He asked in an article published in the Middle Eastern Review. “Why did the Turkish government choose Ertugrul instead of many famous characters?”

Josh Carney says the story of the city-wide Turkish series “Derless Ertugrul” is based on his tribe, the Qai, fighting various enemies in Anatolia.

Ertugrul is little known outside Turkey. Carney says the easiest way to make a TV serial about a character that people don’t know is to play it in any color.

On the other hand, people are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of popular personalities.

Carney added that the previous series on Sultan Suleiman had not been successful because making a series about Ertugrul was like filling a blank slate with the desired color.

Aurtugral Mosque
Aurtugral Mosque

According to foreign media reports, there is a small mosque and a shrine named after Ertugrul in the area of ​​Sogat (which is said to have met Ertugrul with the Seljuk Sultan). The son made it for them and then Uthman’s son Arhan added it.

This mosque and mausoleum have been worked on so many times that no trace of it has survived since its first construction, so it cannot be said with certainty that any building dates back to the time of Uthman.

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