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Why did Salman Khan borrow money from his bodyguards?

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s life was even a moment when there was not a penny in his pocket and had borrowed money from his security guard.

It’s next to impossible to believe that a superstar of his stature, who is the biggest money churner of Bollywood, would need to borrow money from his own salaried staff. But this piece of news is as true as it gets and the reason why Salman did that is very heart-touching. As per a reliable source, Salman was partying at a famous restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai with his family and having a good time until wee hours of the morning. When Salman stepped out of the restaurant, a few poor kids, who were selling colouring books, saw him and rushed towards him to meet and greet him. They requested him to buy some of their books. Salman, who mostly carries credit cards, didn’t have enough cash to help the kids and hence, borrowed money from one of his own body guards and handed them over to the kids. Apparently, Salman handed Rs 500 each to those kids. Do we even need to say how pleasantly surprised those little kids were? Salman is not called ‘Bhaijaan’ for nothing!

This is not the first time that Salman showed his generous side. Click on the next slide to read about many such charitable acts of this ‘Being Human’ star.

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