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Why is Bollywood going for Pakistani actresses? Let’s find out


There is a sudden influx of Pakistani actresses in Bollywood post Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan’s export to India and it’s not just us, many Indian directors and trade experts are also aware of the spell that these multifaceted actresses are casting upon B-Town biggies and people in general.

These ladies are an epitome of beauty with brains who not only know their job (acting) well, but most importantly know how to represent Pakistan internationally, reports India’s leading publications, Hindustan Times while it speaks about the increasing trend of casting Pakistani actresses in Bollywood movies.

The question that pops up immediately, after seeing the influx, is why has Bollywood suddenly become so fond of our talent? Does it have something to do with our actors’ looks or are their acting skills are actually a notch above their fellow artists across the border?

One thing is for sure, that it is not a marketing gimmick or part of India-Pakistan’s backdoor diplomacy because according to Hindustan Times, trade experts say casting Pakistani actors is a ‘pure creative call’.

“It’s a director’s prerogative to decide which actor fits the bill for his or her film,” said trade expert Taran Adarsh. “Thanks to satellite TV and the Internet, we are aware of the talent [in other countries too]. So, we can easily identify them. Plus, going by their work in Pakistan, they are all solid actors too.”

And why do Indian directors believe that Pakistani actors fit the bill? Because they bring in novelty and provide a welcome break from all the filmi actors and actresses.

“The biggest advantage of casting Pakistani actresses is that they bring loads of freshness, since no one [in India] has seen them earlier on TV, in films or in ads. So, there’s novelty. Plus, they are a deadly combination of beauty and talent,” explains casting director Mukesh Chhabra to the Indian daily.

Another Bollywood film-maker, who chose to remain anonymous, praised our actors’ command over the Hindi (read Urdu) language and their professionalism.

“Unlike a lot of Indian girls, Pakistani actresses are “very professional” with “no unnecessary tantrums”. Plus, their command over Hindi language “is better, and can’t be compared [to some of the Indian actresses].”

And here we were under the belief that Indians are the professional ones.

So be it Mahira Khan, who is about to debut in Bollywood opposite King Khan in Raees, or Mawra Hocane who has already proven her mettle in Sanam Teri Kasam; all of them have received much praise from the people they’ve worked with.

Raees’ director, Rahul Dholakia explains the thought process behind selecting Mahira Khan as SRK’s leading lady.

“As a film-maker what works best with non-regular casting is that you – as the audience – would believe the character more than concentrating on the image of the star. We auditioned other girls too for the part, but Mahira acts and looks her part [in the film].”


Similarly, we also see Saba Qamar ready to make it big with her up-coming Bollywood debut movie opposite Irrfan Khan in which she will be playing his wife. Mann Mayal actress, Maya Ali, along with Sadia Khan were also spotted in Mumbai a few weeks ago to discuss a movie offer opposite Akshay Kumar.

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