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Will Smith slams Trump over Islamophobic


Hollywood big shot Will Smith has slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over his Islamophobic comments and disastrous policy proposals.

Addressing a press conference in Dubai for the promotion of his film Suicide Squad,  Smith said that it was painful to talk about Trump, but he needs to “speak out about the insanity” of the Republican presidential nominee.

Smith, however added that it is a good thing to hear such people talk as it can help Americans cleanse them from their country.

Speaking about about Trump’s ‘Islamophobia’, Smith claimed that his visit to Dubai is enough to rebuke Trump.

“I am in Dubai right now, taking pictures and tweeting about it, and the people don’t seem to hate me,” said the Hollywood star.

Will Smith slams Trump by pakshowbiz

Donald Trump has been strongly criticised ever since he announced his bid for the US President, especially when he announced a temporarily ban on all Muslim entering the United States.

Recently, he has in confrontation with the an American-Muslim family who addressed the Democratic convention. Trump received rebuke even from Republican leaders including US Speaker Paul Ryan for his criticism of the parents of a fallen American soldier Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq in 2004. His parents, Khizr and Ghazala Khan, had slammed Trump and asked him to read the US Constitution.

Smith has previously said that Trump is leading a xenophobic, racist and non-inclusive across the country and said that cinema is a huge way to deliver the truth of the soul of a place to the global audience.

Speaking about the film, he said that he has reached a point in his career where he has right to fail, so they will be projects which will be successful and those which are critically acclaimed.

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