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With Heer and Shahmeer now married “Qurban” is not to be missed!

With Heer and Shahmeer now married

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This year has been great for three actors namely Shahzad Sheikh, whose drama Khaali Haath and Alif Allah aur Insaan got him rave reviews, Iqra Aziz who too is appearing in one hit play after another and then the handsome lad, Bilal Abbas Khan whose Rasm-e-Dunya and O Rangreza made people sit up and take notice of his talent.

And naturally with all three appearing in Qurban together, the drama was deemed a hit even before it began. And without any doubts, it is living up to all the expectations attached to it. 12 episodes down we are glad to see our prediction come true as even we cant get enough of Qurban and feel that the two hour episodes are still a little too less.

Qurban has been written by Zafar Mairaj; the writer whose stories are never flawed and are so well written that they immediately succeed in getting you involved in the plot. With their twists and turns, Mairaj’s stories make you eager to know what is going to happen next.

As per recent developments in Qurban, Jamal (Bilal Abbas Khan) has lost his memories and forgotten Heer. And even though he has recalled a few things, he is yet to find out that Heer is now married to someone else.

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