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Woman rape on motorway, Artist bid public execution.


KARACHI: Showbiz artists have demanded public execution of the accused who gang-raped a woman on Lahore Motorway.

A tragic incident took place with a woman named Sana, a resident of Gujranwala, on the Lahore Motorway. Yesterday when her car ran out of petrol on the Lahore Motorway. Meanwhile the accused took the opportunity to beat the woman. And broke her car windows and took her to the fields at gunpoint and rape her. Therefore police had form teams to trace the culprits. And they are trying their best to find the culprits.

Celebrities reaction:

When the news of the inhuman incident spread like wildfire. Meanwhile voices were raise from all sides for the arrest of the culprits. In this hour of grief, showbiz artists also express sympathy for the woman and demand public execution of the accused.

Addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet. Actor Feroz Khan said, “I will always support your statement that Pakistan will definitely become a state of Madinah. But if you are accused of abusing children and women and killing children.” If we do not execute him in public, nothing will change. You have to set an example for others in this regard and that is my demand”.

Aijaz Aslam demand from the PTI government that you have to set an example by hanging these accused in public.

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Singer Asim Azhar present his position in his tweet using the hashtag “Give public punishment to the abusers”.

Asim Azhar

Television host Rabia Anam spoke out against the atrocity. Calling for the perpetrators to be hang in public.

Actress Sanam Baloch also use the hashtag of public execution. Sana Baloch tweet said, “After the incident, the motorway authorities continued to set their limits and during this time. The dignity of Eve’s daughter was exceeded and the accused went beyond the limits of humanity.”

Ushna Shah also came and speak in this mater have look to her tweet.

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