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Women’s Day special: TV actresses talk about their proud moments as women –

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Rashami Desai – People should celebrate the cause of women everyday considering the number of crimes happening over the time, but yes with a specific day allotted to this cause, it gives a heavier focus to the whole cause and brings it to light. The specific celebration does leave a heavy impact on people. I felt proud when a fan wrote to me that my performance in Uttaran inspired her to fight her own battles and also when someone told me that I represent the today’s young brigade of women who know their mind and live life realistically.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee – Every moment of my life I feel proud to be a woman. I came to Mumbai at a very young age and lived alone and independently in this city. I never took advantage of my independence. I have been humiliated many times and have been really heart broken but I manage as I am a warrior.

Arti Singh- My proudest moment of being a woman was when one technical person from one of my shows came to me and told me, ‘aap bahut acche ho and I really wish my daughter grows up to become like you. This was the proudest moment for me as a woman.

Delnaaz Irani – Every moment for me as a woman is a proud moment. Women are far more stronger then men and we can smile even when our chips are down. I have never experienced humiliation because of me being a woman.

Tinaa Dattaa – Once I fought for a girl who was being harassed by an autowala. I got out of my car and gave the autowala a piece of my mind. I felt proud that I stood for what was right.

Shradha Sharma – As a woman I feel humiliated when someone remarks that women only are responsible for crime against them. Also when I hear educated people commenting about what a woman should do and what she shouldn’t, it’s very humiliating because as an adult every woman knows what is good or bad for her and is capable of making her own decisions.Any kind of gender bias against women is humiliating and must stop.

Krishna Gokani – One of my proudest moment was when I saw a paanwala harnessing a girl and I slapped him and he apologised.

Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8.


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