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Artist’s Fair at Governor’s House Karachi


In the first edition of the Women’s Leaders Award. Economic, healthcare, adventure, human rights, journalism and women’s rights.

The Women’s Leaders Award ceremony was held in Governor House Karachi, where the special guest was Dr. Arif Alwi, President of Pakistan. While other participants included American Ambassador Paul Dublo Jones. Various Consul Generals, Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and other respected entertainment industry stars.

On this occasion, the Women’s Leadership Initiative Fund. The awards with an initial amount of Rs 1 lakh annually. The award-winning group will use these funds for the welfare of women in the country. We and the Charter of Competition will do everything possible to put the initiatives of the award-winning group into action.

Addressing the participants on the occasion. US Ambassador Paul Dobello Jones said. “The United States always strives to provide equal opportunities for men and women. Trustworthy women play a vital role in the economic and social development of any country.”

President Pakistan Dr Arif Alawi said. “Our great leader Quaid-e-Azam said that. No nation can develop unless the women of this nation”. Together with the men play their part in its development. ۔ 

Artist's Fair at Governor's House Karachi

In the 80’s, the quota for Women’s Leaders Award in our medical and engineering colleges was one-fourth. Which is about 80 percent today after Supreme Court orders. But unfortunately we do not see this ratio in institutions. We have always seen that women work twice as hard as men. Whenever they are given the opportunity to showcase their abilities. They have worked hard to bring their iron into the world. “

After the special guest show. Host of the show Meera Sethi also started the awards ceremony. This evening the first award was given to Pakistan’s first lady, Kam Pima Samina Baig. Who along with Kumai as well as gender equality, women’s rights and climate change. Awarded for outstanding performance. 

Followed by Sania Saeed, the first female lawyer of Hazara community. To showcase her outstanding role for the rights of women and children. 

After the second award. There will be highlights of the lives of women who are no longer in the world. Who have done significant work in the country. 

The impact of war and radicalism on women and children also in his films. Ziba Bakhtiar performed after leading performers Sajjad Ali and Zuhli performed special performances.

New host Sanam Saeed invited Italian Consul General Anna Rufino and Javed Sheikh on stage to bring Dr Fouzia Saeed to the forefront of Pakistani culture, as well as the struggle against sexual harassment as a problem for women.

Artist's Fair at Governor's House Karachi

Host Mehra Sethi and Sanam Saeed invited Masrat Misbah to the stage, who received the award in honor of his services to Omar Aftab, the founder of the Pink Ribbon campaign and internationally respected women’s rights activist.

Dr Shamshad Akhtar also has the honor of being the first woman governor of the State Bank, presented by Mrs. Samina Alavi also. 

The ceremony also concluded with the live performances of actress Hidayat Kayani.

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