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World Health Day: Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif’s fitness secrets revealed

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When it comes to fitness,Bollywood celebrities like to be in shape no matter what.


Those who follow these stars on social media handle may know the fitness freaks they are in real life. From Salman Khan to Alia Bhatt , celebs leave no stone unturned to ensure a healthy lifestyle. While Yoga and Pilates remain their top favourites, it is the core workouts that they do to burn those extra fats and have a chiseled body.

In a recent tete-a-tete with TOI Entertainment, celebrity fitness guru Yasmin Karachiwala reveals the basic fitness mantras for you to get the envious body you dreamed of.While there is a common notion that celebs diet most of the times, Yasmin reveals the contrary. “One of the main things that they do to remain fit is watch what they eat with their fitness routine.

I believe in wholesome food and not the box around healthy meals. All of us eat wholesome homemade food which is very important. All of them have very different routines but the core is the same.”


Deepika is a completely pilates person unless she is doing some film or a song she has to prepare for. When she was doing ‘xXx’ she trained a lot in the gym be it functional or dynamic training.


Katrina loves to do functional training in the gym and she couples it with pilates. We do like three days of functional training and two days of pilates or sometimes just one day of pilates to stregthen the core. We do cardio every day.


Alia is a more pilates person so we do mainly pilates and once a week she will do weight training or functional in the gym.
Bipasha also loves to work out and it is very interesting to train her because she has done almost everything. It is very interesting to find stuff that she has not done. She’s always game to try out everything.

Basically all of them follow kind of the same routine that they like but if they are working for some role or a song that they have to get in a certain shape for a certain edge, then we mix it up and do different stuff. The basic mantra that they all follow is that they work out regularly.


They are allowed cheat meals fr om time to time otherwise they won’t be able to balance the lifestyle that they live which requires a lot of focus and dedication. Like for Alia if she works out for six days a week then one day she completely takes off and pampers herself. They have all reached a stage where one cheat meal a week is enough to get them back on track.

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