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Xulfi honours Mother’s Day with upcoming single

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KARACHI: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, better known to the world as Xulfi, is all set to make his comeback with a brand new single to be released on Mothers’ Day.

Talking to The Express Tribune about the song, Xulfi said, “I dedicated this song to the most beautiful relationship a person can have, his mother, I Love you Ammi.’

Revealing further details about the song the singer said, “I wrote this song for my mother three years ago. Finally it’s going to see the light of the day this week.

Xulfi credits his mother for all his success. “My mother has been my biggest supporter, fan and critic since I was a kid making music. The love and patience that she has always showered on me since the day I was born is one of the biggest reasons why I have evolved to be an artist and a free thinker.”

Further speaking about the struggles of a mother, Xulfi said that the sole inspiration for the song came from his mother and all the others mothers who struggle to make their kids achieve milestones in life. “I can’t thank her enough honestly. In fact, even thanking her or any mother would not suffice. The sacrifices a mother makes to raise her kids cannot be expressed in words.”

Xulfi has several hit singles under his belt including Laree Chootee, Aasman and Dhadkay Jiya, and can also be credited for the success of various names in the industry including Jal, Atif Aslam and Roxen.

After Junaid Khan’s exit from Call in 2012, the band never came forward with any singles. Unlike other musicians who have given up on singing and are now exploring acting and filmmaking, Xulfi stuck to what he calls “‘his passion” and started Nescafe Basement to provide a platform for amateur singers.

With three seasons completed and a fourth one underway, Nescafe Basement has begun to make a name for itself in the music industry. But this project didn’t keep Xulfi away from making music, and he will soon be hitting the airwaves again with a fresh single.

Xulfi also revealed earlier that he was working on his life’s biggest project which is due to release later this year. However, he refused to reveal further details, saying that the news will be out once the project is complete and ready to hit the airwaves.

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