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Yasir Hussain about his simple, low-cost wedding


Yasir Hussain wedding with Iqra Aziz has been in the news for more reasons than one. The way all festivities were done in a simple. Pocket-friendly manner being one of them. 

In a long Instagram post. Yasir has shared his thoughts about having asimple ceremony. Urging people to make marriages more easy and convenient for the bride and groom and their families.

Bhaiyon aur behno.. shadi itni mushkil cheez nahi hai jitna hum ne mil k usy bana dia hai. mai ne shadi gher mai hi karni thi magar choti jagah ki wajah se gher se bahar shift ki. [Brothers and sisters, getting married is not as difficult as we have made it to be. I wanted to have the ceremony at my home, but couldn’t because of lack of space, so we shifted outside].”

Yasir went on to urge, “Apny gher walon pe rehem karen aur Shadi ko asaan banaen [Have mercy on your family and make weddings easy].”

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