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Pakistani artist angry over making Turkish actress brand ambassador of a Pakistani company


Yasir Hussain is expressing anger over the appointment of Turkish actress Isra Beljic as a brand ambassador of a Pakistani company.

On social networking site Instagram, comedian Yasir Hussain was the first to speak out against a foreign brand ambassador, which was also supported by actress Ayman Khan and actress Manal Khan.

Yasir Hussain
Yasir Hussain

Actor Yasir Hussain in his Instagram story asked the fans for advice and said, “Don’t you think that the brand ambassador of a Pakistani brand should be Pakistani, not Indian or Turkish?”

He also wrote Pakistan Zindaabad in his message.

After being appreciated by fellow artists on this story of the actor, the actor wrote in another message mentioning the names of the actresses of Pakistani showbiz industry: Armina, Sarah, Hira, none of them are capable of becoming a brand ambassador of Pakistani brand?

He wrote to support Pakistani artists, but also said that he did not name his wife Iqra Aziz because she was already a brand ambassador for a mobile company.

Aiman Khan
Minal Khan

Actress Ayman and Manal shared this post of the actor on their account and said that they fully support Yasir’s position.

In one of his messages, Manal Khan wrote that Yasir has spoken very truthfully but people here will surely prove Yasir wrong.

It should be noted that the news came out yesterday that the Turkish actress Isra Beljik, who played the lead role of Halima Sultan in the Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ based on the conquests of Islamic history, became the brand ambassador of the Pakistani company.

The smartphone company announced on social media that Isra Belgic has been named the brand ambassador for the new device Wave Max Pro.

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