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Yasir Hussain became obsessed with Meera Jee’s performances


Leading comedian of Pakistan showbiz industry Yasir Hussain has become obsessed with the dance performances of former film star Meera.

The photo and picture sharing app shared the song ‘Ek Pal’ from the movie ‘Paray Hat Love’ on Instagram. In which Meera Ji is performing an impressive dance.

Yasir Hussain, while praising Meera. While writing the lyrics of the song, said that Meera Ji sat for an hour singing the song ‘Ek Pal Beha Jaana’.

Yasir wrote that Meera Ji’s performance in this song of the film ‘Paray Hat Love’ is excellent. At the same time he also gave credit to the choreographer and the director of the film for this excellent effort.

He wrote that in this song, while singer Azaan Sami Khan and Hadiqa Kayani have worked hard, Meera Ji’s screen performance is excellent.

The actor wrote that one should learn from me how the heroine of a film looks and performs in front of the camera. The actress has left everyone behind by performing brilliantly in this song.

Yasir Hussain while praising Meera also wrote that after watching these performances of Meera Ji, he has become crazy about her once again, Geo Meera Ji, you are the same.

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