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Yasir became chef for Iqra


Active on social media. Yasir Hussain became the chef for his newly married bride Iqra Aziz. Who also expressed her affection for her husband by saying, ‘I am proud to be your wife’.

Recently, Iqra Aziz Hussain. A renowned actress in the relationship, shared a video with her husband Yasir on Instagram. Which Iqra and Yasir are in the kitchen of a Sri Lankan hotel.

In the video shared by Iqra Aziz Hussain, actor Yasir Hussain addresses his wife Ikra, saying that today I made this salad, every sauce and sauce for you and then thanked the chefs there. Do

Yasir Hussain jokingly says that both of these chefs do not understand my Urdu at all, but I am grateful to them that both chefs allowed me to cook here.

It may be recalled that Iqra and Yasir were involved in a marriage on December 28 last month, and the newly married couple is now in Sri Lanka for Honeymoon.

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