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Yasir Hussain has a message for haters


Yasir Hussain, who has been associated with the showbiz industry for almost 12 years, has made similar remarks in an exclusive interview with BBC.

Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain says, “Why can’t I express my opinion, just because I am an actor?” I just have to live in a fake shell, everyone has to think that the actors are the same as they are on TV’.

Yasir hussain

“I don’t think it should be like that. People’s hair falls out. Playing cricket in the sun changes color in two days. So do your ideas and opinions.”

Yasir Hussain

On September 6, 2020, Yasir Hussain’s name suddenly started trending on social media. The reason for this was his reaction to a picture posted on social media under the name ‘Pakistani Ertugrul’ in reference to the Turkish drama series Ertugrul, in which he wrote, ‘No one will ask him because of the house. Chicken lentils are equal and garbage outside is also equal.

Yasir Hussain

Yasir said: “Take the example of Ertugrul. I said we should do joint productions that would benefit us. Our actors will be known internationally. There was nothing wrong with that. “

Yasir Hussain

Yasir and Iqra met during an awards show in Toronto, but the video of their wedding proposal later became very popular on social media, with several people commenting that it must have happened first.

Yasir Hussain

However, Yasir Hussain says that why only controversies are highlighted about me, why no good thing is ever shared? “Who is not working on the controversy?” He cites as an example. I posted a video quoting Master Ashiq Hussain, the maker of ‘Ho Lal Meri Pat’, who died after living in poverty and asked the singers who sang his song to pay his royalties to his heirs. Requested.

Yasir Hussain

Here the Video:

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