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Yasir Hussain pays tribute to senior artists


Leading comedian and actor of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Yasir Hussain has paid tributes to senior Pakistani artists Rahat Kazmi and Bushra Ansari in recognition of their services to Pakistan.

Yasir Hussain greeted Rahat Kazmi on Instagram and called him the most beautiful actor in Pakistan’s drama industry.

Yasir Hussain also said that Rahat Kazmi’s famous drama ‘Dhoop Kanare’ is his favorite drama. The actor said that Rahat Kazmi, who started acting in 1976, still performs in the theater and also teaches.

In the said post, the actor also prayed for Rahat Kazmi’s long life and health.

It is worth mentioning here that a post came out from Yasir Hussain yesterday in which he also expressed his opinion that why artists should not be remembered in his life.

The move to pay tribute to Yasir Hussain’s senior artists is also being hailed by fellow artists.

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