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Yasir Hussain prays for the long life of Nadeem Baig


Leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Yasir Hussain. While paying tribute to legendary actor Nadeem Baig said that remember your real superstars too. It is not necessary to share pictures only after their death.

Yasir Hussain has shared a thought-provoking message on Instagram praying for the long life.

Yasir Hussain also wrote on Instagram in tribute to Nadeem Baig in recognition of his services to Pakistan. Saying that it is not necessary to post pictures of only those artists who have passed away.

The actor also said that. We can also remember our legends and real superstars in their lives and pray for their longevity.

It should be noted that Nadeem Baig’s list of everlasting and superhit films includes ‘Anari, pehchan, lajawab and qurbani, dehlez, sehray k phool, jab jab phool khilay, zindagi aur phool’. 

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