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Yasir Hussain remembers Iqra Aziz in Karachi


Well-known actor Yasir Hussain remembered his wife Iqra Aziz Hussain on the Karachi coast.

Yesterday, Yasir Hussain, a renowned actor from Pakistan Showbiz industry, had a picnic on the coast of Karachi with his friends and shared some photos with his friends on social networking site Instagram.

Yasir accompanied by his friends was on the Aqua Beach in Karachi and he was seen in pictures.

The actor wrote in a caption addressed to Iqra Aziz, ‘Iqra should have come to you too, missed you a lot.’

The photos suggest that Yasir had unconsciously shared with Iqra the photo of the engagement ring.

In addition, He shared some food videos in his Instagram story in which he is dining with his friends.

Earlier, He shared a video of himself on Instagram in which he was on the coast of Karachi.

Here the Photos:

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gogo ki training #karachibeach #gogo #mogambo

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Iqra Replies on his post:

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