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Yasir Hussain spoke in favour of TikTok stars


The leading actor of Pakistan film and TV industry Yasir Hussain says that. Music app TikTok should not be banned in Pakistan as it is a great platform for the youth.

In a recent interview with well-known actress and host Effat Omar. Yasir Hussain, referring to social media, said: “The use of social media is both negative and positive. It depends on the user of social media how he Has been using this media since.

Yasir Hussain said that after so many years. The people of Pakistan have got the freedom to speak through social media. In which case they will express their feelings and emotions. Which they had been hiding in their hearts for so many years.

“In my view, no social media platform is bad, everyone has their own importance,” the actor said, referring to various social media applications.

When the host asked Yasir Hussain about banning the music app Tik Tak, he replied, “I say Tik Tak should not be banned in Pakistan because our young generation has nothing to do.” Yes, they have no platform to show their abilities.

Yasir Hussain said that “the youth associated with sports do not have a ground to play, the youth associated with the field of racing does not have a racing track, so what should our youth do and where to go.”

“My friend’s brother set fire to both his cat and his hair because he was not being selected,” the actor told the story of a friend.

“Young people who have nothing to do are all involved in wrongdoing, such as drug dealing, robbery,” he said.

Yasir Hussain said, “The benefit of Tik Tak is that now our young boys and girls are using their creativity to create unique videos and entertain the viewers, including some of our famous actors who are Tik Tak.” But they are winning the hearts of everyone by making unique videos.

The actor further said that “young people are not only gaining fame through TikTok but also money.”

It may be recalled that Fahad Mustafa and other well-known artists have demanded a ban on TikTok in Pakistan as it is spoiling the young generation.

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