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Yasir & Iqra does not want to raise a family


Yasir & Iqra, a newlywed couple in the Pakistan entertainment industry. It have said they have no plans to raise a family in the near future.

The two expressed these views while talking as guests during the Ramadan transmission of a private TV channel.

The program is being hosted by Reema Khan. When he asked them about family planning, Yasir said, “We both like children, but we are not planning it yet.”

“I think Iqra needs to focus more on his career, it becomes an additional responsibility as your career progresses,” Yasir added. 

It is clear that both of them were the adornment of the media regarding their marriage. This is their first Ramadan together after their marriage last year. 

During the show, Iqra Aziz said that patience is the most important thing for a successful married life. 

Regarding his marriage, he added that since his marriage, his family has valued Yasir more than him.

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