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Yasir reveals Truth Behind His Paid Controversies.


Yasir Hussain is the most popular actor, director and producer as well. Apart from these he is also call the king of controversary. As he is always give his opinions on every topic trending on social media. And people love to criticize him. And our members loves to make memes on them. People believe Yasir reveals paid for making statements on social media. In a short interview, Yasir Hussain talk about his controversy. And Yasir reveals whether they are paid or not? He clarify and said, I wish I paid.

Yasir Hussain is quite active on social media. And his opinion and statements on different trending topic made him in trouble. Which is the main reason he becomes the subject of criticism by public. But he says clearly those criticism don’t matter him anyway and he enjoys them.

He share about his upcoming project and said, “My upcoming project is a movie call Peechay Tou Dekho which is a horror-comedy.

Yasir Hussain

And also when he asked in the short interview that which actress he stalk the most on Instagram. He tools the name of gorgeous actress Ayesha Omer.

In the end when he was ask about his favorite actress name. Her answer was quite cute and predictable as he took the name of her beautiful wife Iqra Aziz.

Here is his interview:

For enlightened readers:

Yasir Hussain is a God gifted man with the skills of acting, writing and hosting too. He has seen performing a number of serials, writing a number of movies and Telefilms. And also hosting his own show and numerous award shows. 

There is nothing which this man can’t do. He has looks, he has talent, he has humor and he knows how to rule the hearts of people. He has a deep and strong association with Asad Siddiqui, Wajahat Rauf and Asim Azhar from the industry.

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