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Yasra Rizvi married young actress under criticism on social media


Leading actress of her husband is 24 years old and 34 years old Yasra Rizvi. While he appreciated the move large numbers, there are also those where social media is about people who made them the target of harsh criticism.

Yasra Rizvi marriedLahore (Web Desk) television dramas are bonded leading actress Yasr Rizvi married, but social media users has made it a crime for them to marry. The reason is that Yasra Rizvi 34 years old and 24 years old while her husband Hadi. A 10-year difference between the two being subjected to harsh criticism Yasrh media. Hadi that my marriage is the debate on social media in the social networking site said in a video message Yasr Rizvi.

Yasra Rizvi married

Yasra Rizvi said that the age of marriage between man and woman is walking because on social media, where it stands as religious and social. Also, when I called prayer read to her in the form of dowry so that they were subjected to harsh criticism and said that people in a cycles by saying things that are foolish are.

Yasra Rizvi married

I’m different, I’m different from every other person in the world because they do not have to be like another person answered Yasra brink of social media users. He said that I am a man, whom few people know or few people are affected, so if I wanted to set an example to the dawn marriage and prayer in less money to my dowry this problem. do not have. Are we only know how to criticize?

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