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Yumna Zaidi about her drama Dil e na umeed to Nhi


The Pakistan Showbiz Industry Yumna Zaidi talking about her latest drama serial “Dil e na umeed to nhi“.

Yumna Zaidi

Recently, Pakistan’s private entertainment channel has started airing the drama serial ‘Dil e na umeed to nhi’ which was well received by the viewers, but PEMRA has some objections to this drama.

PEMRA has directed TV One to bring its content in line with the PEMRA Code of Conduct within five days.

Dil e Na Umeed To Nhi H

The play deals with human trafficking and child sexual abuse, while Yumna Zaidi plays a prostitute.

Yumna Zaidi

Due to the role of Yumna Zaidi, he has been shown joining parties that have been termed as ‘immoral material’ in particular.

Dil e na umeed na ho

But actress Yemeni Zaidi, who is playing the lead role in the play, is upset with PEMRA’s notice.

Yumnah Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi is known for his dramas on social themes. This is his third drama after Dar si jati h Silah and Pyar kay Sadqay which PEMRA has objected to.

Yumna Zaidi

There have been notices on my projects in the last few years and I never make a statement on it. But the heart is not disappointed, it is a very special project and the aspects discussed are very important. We should talk about them, we should think about them.

Yumnah Zaidi

Referring to the PEMRA notice, she said that the issues discussed in the play are common in our villages, government schools and streets.

Yumnah Zaidii

I do not understand how PEMRA issued a notice on the material. I don’t understand the point that the problems in our villages, government schools, streets if we don’t talk about them, we will only watch the news, and the real news will be that a child or It happened to a girl.

Yumnah Zaidii

Following PEMRA’s notice, comments in support of the play have been seen by social media users in general. While rarely any comment has been seen against the play.

Dil Na Umeed To Nhi

“I am thankful that my whole life has not been like this. And I am thankful that a drama is being made about how a girl fights her out.

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