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Yumna Zaidi different views on Tik Tok.


Karachi: Actress Yumna Zaidi, unlike other artists, has term Tik Tockers as talented and said that if they do not act, they should make tik tok videos.

The video sharing app Tik Tok is the only application that is very popular among the youth. But is most dislike and for many artists of Pakistan showbiz industry. Who upload videos on Tik Tok. And Tik Tok have express their displeasure.

However, actress Yumna Zaidi’s views are different for Tik Tokers. She is such a well known actress. And of course big name for showbiz industry. But she considers Tik Tokers are more talent than herself and other actors. A video of Yumna Zaidi going viral on social media. In which she is talking to Shaista Lodhi about Tik Tok.

In the video, Shaista Lodhi is telling Yumna Zaidi that she watches Tik Tok. To which Yumna Zaidi says that it seems to me that whenever you have free time. And you are watching Tik Tok. An hour and a half would go by like this. I don’t even know.

Yumna Zaidi said that people work hard to make tik tok videos. Which I think they are more talented than us and me also. Shaista Lodhi said that there are actors on Tik Tok who make me wonder what is amazing. Yumna Zaidi said that if I was not acting. I would definitely seen making tik toks. Because watching tik tok videos is a lot of fun. To act in someone else’s voice. But I never made a tik tok video because someone else’s voice. But it takes a lot of courage to speak up. Shaista Lodhi further said that it is a lot of fun. When people comment on your videos and the videos goes viral.

Here is the video:

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