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Zahalay explained Statement about Halima Sultan.


Actress Zahalay Sarhadi has clarified after making a statement about Turkish actress Halima Sultan on social media.

A few days ago, a video clip of Zahalay Sarhadi went viral on social media. In which she oppose the appointment of Turkish actress Esra Beljic. Popularly known as Halima Sultan in Pakistan, as an ambassador of Pakistani brands. Saying that making the actress an ambassador for local brands is a slap on the face.

“Why do you bring in artists from other countries to promote your products?” Why don’t you work with local artists? What are our people afraid of? I am fully with Yasir Hussain in this matter.

Zahalay Explained

Zahalay Sarhadi was heavily criticize on social media for making such statement. After which she had to explain hes statement. “I recently gave an interview in which I said that we have a slap on the face if we ask an outside actress to be the ambassador of our country’s brands,” Jale Sarhadi explained on her YouTube channel “Zahalay Talks”.

Zahalay said: “My statement was made a headline and the same headline went viral, but no one heard my whole point as to why I said it.”

Explaining slap statement, Jale Sarhadi said, “Slap was because we do not prefer our artists. And we prefer foreign artists and their dramas even though they are already around the world. It is known and obviously the people like it”.

So I didn’t criticize anyone else or outside artists. I criticized myself. But my point was misinterpreted and it went viral. So if you had listen the whole story, this story carefully would never have gone viral”.

Here is her video in which she is explaining. And making it pretty clear that why she had said such statement.. What actually was the concept of saying it.

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