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Zahid Describe to Make Pakistan Industry Better.


About Zahid Ahmad

Zahid Iftikhar Ahmed is a Pakistani television actor and former RJ. Ahmed work as a creative manager for PTV World, and later became an RJ. Although successful, he left it to pursue a career in acting. And made his broadway debut with a leading role in the play It Runs in the Family. He is really talented. He is the powerhouse of entertainment. Also he did outstanding acting and experimental roles.

He made his television debut with the Hum TV romantic series Mehram. His breakout role in the Hum TV series Alvida, garnered him the Hum Award for Best Villain, and a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Zahid’s spouse’s name is Amna Zahid. They have two children Zaviyar Zahid and Zayan Zahid. They both are really cute. Have look in the picture above.

Zahid Ahmad Interview:

Zahid Ahmad is a straight forward person. He never get shy of saying anything openly in the public. The Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb star made an appearance on veteran actor- model. Iffat Omar’s web show and talk about his career and personal life.

Zahid discuss that he does not have any payment issues. But he does know that others around him do. He wants the industry to pay everyone on time. Specially the junior artists so it’s important to put a foot down and then they will be paid on time. He did that once. When payments started getting delay. He just didn’t turn up on set. The problem got sort out very promptly after that. He is really mature and talk well.

He also emphasize on the fact that rating is not the only thing that matters. For which we keep running after the same stories of extra marital affairs. Like the relationship between mother in law and a daughter in law.

We should keep experimental and break those stereotypes.

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