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Zahid Ahmed Talked About The Success Of Ertugrul


When PTV started airing Ertugrul and Ertugrul craze went high in Pakistan many of our local celebrities stood against the airing of unknown content on our national television.

Yasir Hussain and Shaan Shahid are prominent among those actors who stood against the airing of Ertugrul openly.

Yasir Hussain also spoke against the casting of Esra Bilgic in the ad campaigns of various brands. Zhalay Sarhadi later on also joined the league as she also considers casting of Esra Bilgic in our local ads as a slap on her face.

Zahid Ahmed who is one of the most eminent name of our drama Industry also talked on the issue but his stance is quite different.

Zahid Ahmed in one of his recent live video chat talked about the popularity of Ertugrul and the reaction of our celebrities on it.

Zahid said: “I accept the success of Ertugrul wholeheartedly. And this argument done by some of our artists is very shameful . and useless for me that we are airing foreign content. it will take our work away from us. First of all, if you are good at your job no one can take it away from you, secondly, we must be ashamed that we are not making such content despite being a Muslim state”.

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