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Zahlay Sarhadi accepted the handwash Challenge of Mansha Pasha

Leading actress Zahlay Sarhadi shared the video on social media accepting the challenge of actress Mansha Pasha’s hand-washing to protect against the Corona virus.

Last night, Manasha Pasha, a leading actress from Pakistan Showbiz Industry, accepted the challenge of handwashing by the World Health Organization. To challenge the Zhalay Sarhadi to wash hands to protect against the Corona virus. The video sharing app was shared on Instagram.

In the video shared on Instagram by Mansha Pasha. The actress is washing her hands while dancing to the famous song ‘Disco Deewana’ by past leading singer Nazia Hassan.

As can be seen in the video, Manasha Pasha is singing ‘Disco madness’ and also washing her hands while dancing.

Mansha Pasha wrote in her caption of the post, “Dance and clean your hands.”

The actress wrote, “Do a song of your choice while washing your hands and wash your hands for 20 seconds and please do not neglect your thumbs when washing hands”.

He wrote, ‘My favorite Nazi Hassan, so I sang them.’

The actress wrote, “I have accepted the challenge of getting a hand wash from the WHO and now I am giving this challenge to Zhalay Sarhadi, Momal Sheikh and Yemeni Zaidi.”

They also used the hashtag SafeHandsChallenge in their post captions.

On the other hand, actress Zhalay Sarhadi accepted the challenge of Mansha Pasha and uploaded a video of her hand wash on Instagram.

“I wish I had accepted your handwash challenge, so now I will tell you how to wash your hands,” Jhala Border said in her video.

The actress also explained how to wash her hands.

It should be noted that the WHO, the World Health Organization, has been challenged to wash hands all over the world, people are making their own washing videos by accepting this challenge and sharing it on social media using the hashtag SafeHandsChallange.

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