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Zainab Qayyum’s satire on a strange trend in the name of fashion


Former Pakistani model Zainab Qayyum has satirized the adoption of a strange trend in the name of fashion.

Zainab Qayyum

The custom of wearing strange clothes and jewellery in the name of fashion is not new. But most of the models in India and Pakistan adopt such trends that the eyes are wide open with surprise.

Zaynab Qayyum

Pakistani fashion designer Ali Zeeshan is also very popular in the form of weird looks in the name of fashion. He is often seen walking on the ramp and making strange outfits in various fashion shows.

Ali Zeshan

And now former Pakistani model Zainab Qayyum alias ZQ has shared a picture of a model on Twitter wearing unusually large eyebrows. He did not say whether this model belongs to Pakistan or India.

Zainab Qayyum

However, the caption in the model’s picture is very interesting. The caption reads, “This model’s eyebrows are bigger than my entire social circle.”. People are making humorous comments on Zainab Qayyum’s post.

Zainab Qayyum

It should be noted that Zainab Qayyum was once a supermodel of Pakistan. Now appears in Pakistani dramas in the roles of older women.

Zainab Qayyum

About Zainab Qayyum:

Zainab is also known as ZQ, is a Pakistani television actress, host, and former model. She has crowned the best model of the year in the Lux Style Awards and was given the Most Stylish TV Actress Award in the Indus Style Awards.

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