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Zara Noor Abbas gives hugs to parents


Leading actress Zara Noor Abbas says she misses her parents’ hugs.

Yesterday, Zara Noor Abbas, a prominent actress from Pakistan showbiz industry, shared a photo of her parents on Instagram with a photo and video sharing app on Instagram showing her parents in New York City.


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This picture was taken in NewYork a couple of years ago when Baba amma were lost in a conversation of their own like most of the days. I remember our long walks and conversations over dinner/tea/breakfast, almost whenever we’d get the chance. We loved talking. And today I miss all of that.. I miss hugging them. Seeing them in the lounge. Passing around them. You all may be stuck at home and may feel tied up. But if you have your parents around you, then be thankful that even in in a world crisis like this; you can see your parents right infront of you. In the lounge. In their room. Under the same roof. And the ones who don’t have them around. Cry if you like. Be vulnerable. But hang in there.. And pray. And Ask. Ask God for better days. All over.. Once again.

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Zara Noor Abbas wrote in his caption of the post that ‘This picture was taken in New York a few years ago when my father was lost in his talk like I did every time.’

The actress wrote, “I remember our walk and talk at breakfast, tea and dinner with my parents.”

He wrote, ‘We used to talk a lot whenever we had the opportunity and today I miss them all so much.’

Zara Noor Abbas wrote, “I miss being hugged by my parents and I used to pass around them when they were sitting in the lounge.”

The actress wrote, “Today we are all imprisoned in our homes and it feels like we are all locked up in one place. But if your parents are around you during this difficult time, thank you Allah. It must be noted that your parents are with you in this global crisis, you can see them, talk to them. ‘

They wrote: “Those whose loved ones are far away from them, weep for them, but pray to Allah for them and ask Allah when the good days will come.”

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